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Learning from the past…       Looking to the future

In 1980 Mike McClain’s father, Buster McClain, came to Mike with a small piece of rubber that was in high demand called stuffing box packing. Buster was working at a local Wireline Service Company when he realized this was a part they could possibly make. Wild fact – Mike actually quit his job the day his wife, Jan, gave birth to their first child Adam to go into business for himself. He risked everything to jump into the oil and gas industry. Mike knew it would be a tough road, but ultimately knew his determination for success and to provide for his family would be worth it all.

This one small piece of packing was the start of McClain & Associates, now known as McClain Oil Tools.

Since starting in 1980, we have branched out to several types of products that work not only in wireline, but also in coil tubing, snubbing, capillary, pipe yards and the telecom industry for lashing wire.

In 1986 we broke into Coil Tubing. It changed the course and the vision of McClain & Associates very quickly. We started to make parts that clients needed desperately. They trusted Mike and knew he would provide the best price upfront, while providing the best customer service.

Later in 2013, Lauren McClain joined the MOT team and in 2014 Adam joined. Lauren and Adam have made relationships with all of our clients and vendors over the years trying to follow in Mike’s footsteps. Lauren’s role went from sales to vendor relationships and operations. Adam’s role is focused in sales and new products.

Mike unofficially retired in 2019. He is still a part of the business, but in a more distant manner. He answers any questions the team might have and he enjoys hearing what all of his original clients are up to these days. In 2023 Mike decided to transition his position as President of MOT to Lauren, his daughter. Lauren is excited for her new role as President and looks forward to continuing the family business just as Mike has for 43 years.

We are able to move quickly on new or existing parts because of our great relationships with our rubber moldings facilities and machine shops. We strive to meet our clients’ needs by keeping stock on our shelves at all times, answering the phone 24 hours a day – 7 days a week, and providing the utmost service. After 43 years of business relationships with many diverse individuals with large and small companies, we are still committed to the skill and finesse it takes to compete in this global environment.

McClain Oil Tools Team
Left to Right: Lauren McClain-Owens, Mike McClain, Jan McClain, Adam McClain

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