About Us

Learning from the past…       Looking to the future

In 1980 Mike McClain’s father, Buster McClain worked at a local wireline, slickline service company, came to Mike with a small piece of rubber that was in high demand, stuffing box packing.

This one small piece of packing was the start of McClain & Associates.

Since starting in 1980, we have branched out to several types of products that work not only in wireline, but also in coil tubing, snubbing, capillary, and pipe yards.

Because of strong distributor relationships with companies like Bethlehem Wire, Kos, Kis, National and Sandvik we have the capabilities of providing the wire for wireline companies in short notice. Grades of bright carbon, stainless steel and nickel, 26mo are common for us to handle each day. Sizes from .066, .072, .082, .092, .108, .125, .140, and .160 are available. We work with companies like, Halliburton, Superior Energy, Legend Energy, Red Zone, Key Energy, Extreme Coil Tubing, and many others in the United States and Canada.

With our in house machine shop and rubber molding facilities we are able to move quickly on new or existing products. We are always looking for new items to bring to the market.

After 41 years of business relationships with many diverse individuals with large and small companies, we are still committed to the skill and finesse it takes to compete in this global environment.

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