Erin Wright

Erin celebrates 10 years being with McClain Oil Tools in August. She was the first office personnel, and started part time. She filed, organized, and helped Jan with all of the paperwork. Her job has expanded drastically; she is a huge help to the McClain’s family business. She now assists in all daily operations. “I do a little of everything, anything that helps the day run smoothly.” The most important role she has is Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable. Along with this, she helps with inventory & purchasing, “We pride ourselves in keeping stock in all items so our clients get their parts as quickly as possible,” she said. Erin really enjoys getting to interact with vendors and customers on a daily basis saying that many of them have become friends.

She was born in Longview Texas, where she graduated High School and then went on to study at Texas Tech University. Growing up her mom and dad taught her the value and importance of hard work. She learned from them to give 100% in everything you do and to take pride in your work. When Erin moved back to Longview, she met her husband, Nathan Wright. She said he is her biggest fan and is always encouraging her. They have been married for 13 years and have two beautiful children – Marshall who is 9 and Audrey who is 6. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, being at the lake, and anything outdoors. She says, “I like to do crafts, but I am not very good at it.” Before she came to work at MOT, she worked at an embroidery shop, where she shared responsibilities of daily operations, managed employees, and handled customer relations. She was so grateful when she joined McClain Oil Tools. She says, “I love being able to work in an environment where I am always encouraged to meet new goals and grow in my role at work and personal life. I have known Lauren and the McClain family for 16 years and I feel like family.” The McClain’s are so grateful to have her not only as a part of their team, but as their family too.

Erin and her family made a move 7 years ago to Oklahoma for her husband’s job, and while there she worked remotely. Initially, she was not going to continue working for MOT, but then one day a thought came to her while riding around with Mike. Neither one wanted her employment to end so she mentioned being able to work from home doing Accounts Receivable. Now 7 years later, they have made the move back to Texas in July of 2019, and she is so happy to be back in the office! The MOT team can say the same.

Erin says, “Three values I have in life and that drive my career are: Faith, Family and helping to grow McClain Oil Tools. She enjoys her job and being able to expand her knowledge every day and gain relationships with the clients. “In the years I have been with McClain there have been many changes. My faith is what has been my foundation. God has always made a way and opened the right doors at the right time.”

“I am blessed that Mike and Jan took a chance on me back then. Lauren and I had been friends for 6 years at this point and she knew I was ready for a career change. She suggested they hire me to help organize and clean up files. Here I am years later and I have learned so much about the oil and gas industry, office management and sales. The entire McClain family have always treated me like one of their own and I will forever be grateful for the relationship we all share.”


  1. Favorite Store – Target
  2. Favorite food – Mexican
  3. Loves to shop
  4. Enjoys the outdoors
  5. When she was little, her dream was to be a cowgirl on a ranch in Wyoming.