A Letter From Mike McClain

Dear McClain Oil Tools Friends,

As I sat down today to write this heartfelt note, a surge of emotions overcame me as I reminisce the past 43 years. There have been wonderful years, and years I thought I might lose it all.

I started McClain Oil Tools the day my son, Adam, was born. I was determined to provide an enjoyable life for my wife Jan and children. I knew the only way for me to do that was to take it in to my own hands and that meant risking it all.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to each and every client and vendor. We have shared great friendships. I will miss our conversations; often more about our families than the parts at need. They were always stimulating; sometimes rambling, and mostly entertaining.

Ten years ago, our daughter, Lauren came to work for us. She worked as a Landman in Oil and Gas for seven years before making the transition to the family business. She loved coming to my office to look through paperwork, listen to phone calls, scroll through my rolodex and would often go with me to see local clients. Lauren wanted to work with me since she was a little girl. When she came to work in 2013 she immediately showed me her drive for this business was strong.

McClain Oil Tools Team
Left to Right: Lauren McClain Owens, Mike McClain, Jan McClain, Adam McClain

I have officially transitioned into retirement and I proudly announce Lauren McClain Owens as the new President of McClain Oil Tools. She has proven to treat clients like I have for 43 years, and she will continue to provide the utmost service and parts. I have immense trust in her abilities.

I believe we have the best team at McClain Oil Tools. Adam McClain as sales manager, Erin Wright as Senior Support Specialist, and Lainey McFarland as Warehouse Assistant. I rest assured knowing our team will carry on the MOT legacy.

Lastly and most important, without the love and support of my beautiful wife Jan, McClain Oil Tools would not be possible. She allowed me to work long hours, travel to see clients, she helped run the business behind the scenes and also made sure our children and home was taken care of. She has poured in to our business, but mostly she has poured in to my life; making me a better man, father and grandfather.

I wish you all well in your business and personal lives. I hope to we meet again someday. The best is yet to come!

With Much Gratitude,

Mike McClain

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Stuffing boxes are used in the oil and gas industry, as well as in the agricultural and industrial sectors. They provide a tight seal around solid wireline, whether stationary or moving.

At McClain Oil Tools we offer quality stuffing box packing at an affordable price for your wireline and slickline needs.

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