Lauren McClain Owens

Lauren McClain Owens began working at McClain Oil Tools in 2013. She started out selling to existing customers and adding new clients. Now her job has expanded to being over operations. Before she came to work at MOT, she worked as a Landman for seven years. Her dream was to always work with her dad, Mike McClain. She was so grateful when she was able to join the business after getting some background knowledge under her belt. Lauren remembers at a very young age her dad working in the garage making stuffing box packing, and mounds of paperwork for all of his clients on his desk. Her parents really built the business from the ground up. She loved going with her dad to work any chance she could. One memory she has is seeing his Rolodex, and going through it seeing all his clients names and it fill up over time. Lauren says, “It has been such an accomplishment coming into this business and helping it grow.” Since she has been here she has been able to expand the team (admin support, management, and the warehouse) and help the success of the business. She loves getting to work with her family and friends every day.

Lauren has been with her husband, Robbie Owens, for 10 years. They got married in Italy 7 years ago. They have beautiful twin girls, Hazel and Hattie who will be turning 6 this August. She balances her family and business life and wouldn’t have it any other way. She wants to be a strong role model to her girls, and show them you can be a mom, wife and successful business woman. She strives to live her life out in a way Hazel and Hattie know they can be whatever they want when they grow up.

Lauren’s family is what drives her career, but her faith is her foundation. Hazel and Hattie were born two months early and fought hard to survive in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Hattie was in the NICU for two months, and Hazel five months. But it didn’t stop there, they’ve overcome so much in their short four years. Hazel has had multiple heart surgeries, and a once paralyzed stomach. Lauren’s been a firm believer in Jesus since she was a little girl, but watching God’s miracles in her own little girls lives really made her love for the Lord grow. Lauren says, “My roots in Christ are deeper than they’ve ever been, and my faith has matured and grown so much.”

She knows God has had his hand in this business for the last 41 years, and it makes her excited to continue to keep the legacy of, McClain Oil Tools.

Lauren says, “My dream as a little girl was to grow up and be a “CEO,” and this business has made me one step closer to my goal. If I could tell my younger self anything I would say ‘don’t focus so hard on the what if’s, just take the chances, work the jobs, learn and grow from every opportunity given.” She is excited to see what the future of MOT has in store, and she’s grateful to have loyal clients. They have helped her tremendously gain knowledge about how parts work in their fleets and help her understand what they need. She says, “It’s been a privilege to work with our clients who have now turned into friends.”

This business is everything to her. She wouldn’t have it any other way, and is thankful for her Dad and Mom working hard to build the business for her and her brother to work alongside them. She is thankful to have a supportive husband who pushes her to chase her dreams with MOT.

McClain Oil Tools has big things ahead, and she can’t wait to see how it grows!!


  1. Lauren loves to travel and see the world. She has been to Italy, France, Belgium, Amsterdam, Mexico beaches, Costa Rica, Bahamas, and Aruba.
  2. She enjoys shopping.
  3. Mexican is her favorite food.
  4. Adam was the first to hold her when she was born.
  5. She loves going to Worship concerts.