Adam McClain

Adam McClain is the son of Mike and Jan McClain. He was born in Longview, TX. The day he was born was the day the business, McClain & Associates began. He started working for his family’s company in 2014 after moving back home from Dallas, where he was in the car business. He has helped his Dad, Mike, with handling the warehouse duties, making sales calls, adding new parts and expanding the business the last 7 years. He is grateful for his Dad’s hard work and growing a company him and his sister, Lauren, can be apart of. He said, “No matter how hard his dad was working to build the business, he always put our family first.” His parents value their family and put that above all else. He is thankful that even in the hard moments of building the business, his parents never let it show, and always gave their very best to him and Lauren. Adam says, “I think that Lauren and I are very fortunate that our dad has grown this business, that all stemmed from a .50 part to what we have to offer 41 years later.”

Adam likes spending time with his family. He enjoys getting to travel with his son, Ryan and attend all his sporting events. He started playing golf at the age of 7 and has always enjoyed being on the golf course any chance he gets. He remembers his parents dropping him off everyday in the summer when he was just 12 years old and that’s when his passion really began. His parents always supported his passion with golf, and have always been his biggest fans!


  1. He marked off his bucket list golfing in California, where he visited Pebble Beach.
  2. He loves to travel! He’s been to the Niagara Falls, when he was working up North as a Landman.
  3. Favorite food – Mexican
  4. Golfing is his favorite thing to do in his spare time.