Jan McClain

Jan McClain was born in Corsicana, Texas. Her family moved when she was nine months old to Longview, Texas. Both of her parents worked at Texas Eastman, her mom as a production clerk and her dad as an electrician. She has two older brothers, George and Greg Lee. She graduated from Pine Tree High School; where she went on to raise her kids, Adam and Lauren. She married Mike in 1977. The day their son was born, was the day McClain & Associates began. And she never looked back – she was Mike’s support all the way through.

When the business began, she was raising their two children as Mike worked hard to build the business. Jan remembers Mike writing out his goals on sticky notes for each day. His goals continued to grow as did the business. She eventually stepped in to help and taught herself how to run the entire book keeping system. She ran the office side, as Mike worked the warehouse and traveled to expand the client base. Whatever Mike needed to get done, she was always his right hand to help in any way she could. She was the complete sales support for McClain & Associates. Years later, their daughter Lauren joined in to the family business, and Jan taught her everything she knew so she could step out in 2013. But she still continues to stay involved in the family business and helps anytime she is needed. When asked what value drives her, she said, “Family. The most important thing is my family. My family drives everything I do.” She says, “Mike’s dream was to have a business our kids could be a part of.” And that’s exactly what they grew together.

Jan enjoys her free time spending it with her grandkids, Ryan, Kylie, Hazel and Hattie. Whether attending a game and cheering from the sidelines or dancing and singing, she loves getting to spend as much quality time as she can. Adoring them comes easy. “My children are the most important thing, and my grandkids are just everything,” Jan says. Jan works out as she can, and enjoys being outdoors. Lake life has been good to her and Mike. Religious antiques are some of her favorite things to shop for. During her free time, she loves getting together with her girlfriends. She is thankful for her family and friends and the life her and Mike have built together.

Reflecting back on the years of business, she is grateful for the leap of faith Mike chose to start the business, and is proud of everything the business stands for. She says, “If Mike and I had to do it over again, we’d do it exactly how we did. We wouldn’t change a thing.” The business didn’t come easy. It came with a lot of hard work and sacrifice. Jan believes, “Everyone’s going to have ups and downs, there’s going to be highs and lows. You just have to weather out the lows and celebrate the highs.”


  1. I loved our trip to Italy! It is a beautiful place to visit with lots of friendly people and delicious food. I want to go back!
  2. I love Habitat for Humanity. I’ve always been able to volunteer over the years. When I was in Junior League my placement was in Habitat. I had many great friends and made lifelong friends with some of the girls who were with me on the first All Women Built House for Habitat for Humanity. I will always look back on that experience and smile!
  3. I enjoy listening to Pastor Marty Strait’s Podcast from Pathway Church in Longview, Texas as much as I can!
  4. A book I enjoyed reading was “Lonesome Dove”.
  5. My favorite time to spend with Mike is when we go out to the boathouse and sit on the deck. It’s beautiful at night with the boat row lights and stars. It’s a peaceful time to spend together.