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Hammer Union Pressure Transmitter

Viatran Model 510BPS

Our exclusive semi flush design provides a lower cavity volume to prevent clogging. This eliminates the need for tedious cleaning, especially in cementing applications.

Viatran Model 511BPS

511 is Viatran’s state of the art hammer union pressure transmitter with industry exclusive features that were developed in direct response to requests from the field. Included in these features is a voltage powered shunt cal, ability to calibrate and track pressure spikes using HART® Communicators or DevCom2000-Lite software and packaged in a patented* housing which can withstand extreme vibration and abusive impact and still perform to specification.

Part NumberProduct
510BPSViatran Model 510 Hammer Union Pressure Transmitter
511BPSViatran Model 511 Hammer Union Pressure Transmitter

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