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GD316 Slickline

GD316™ is an austenitic stainless steel possessing good general corrosion resistance, suitable for well conditions with medium concentrations of CO₂ (up to 30%) and low chlorides (up to 2.5%) with no H₂S present. GD316™ is an economical option for well conditions where carbon steel would be subject to corrosive attack. GD316™slicklines are available in continuous weld free lengths up to 30,000 ft (9145 m). All GD316™ lines are 100% NDT and inspected. GD™ slicklines are shipped on steel reels. Custom lengths and diameters are available.

Diameter (in.)Diameter (mm)Nominal Breaking Load (lbf)Nominal Breaking Load (kN)Nominal Weight (lbs./1,000 ft)Nominal Weight (kg/1000m)

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