McClain Oil Tools Enters their 40th Year Of Business

McClain Oil Tools specializes in the manufacturing of coil tubing expendable items, along with capillary, snubbing and wireline items for the oil and gas industry.

McClain Oil Tools is pleased to announce that the company is now entering its 40th year of business. The Longview, Texas based company specializes in manufacturing of coil tubing expendables, along with capillary and wireline items for the oil and gas industry. According to the MOT owners and staff, customer service and high-quality parts are the primary characteristics that have kept their business thriving for over 39 years.

Owner Mike McClain strives to run the business by the principles of kindness and fairness. Mike says, “It is more about treating people fair and taking care of their needs, rather than cheating someone to make a sale. Our tools are American-made, and the business is family-owned. We promise to bring you the highest quality products at the lowest possible price. On average, we save our customers 30 percent of the cost of their expendables. Our aim is to be a trusted and reliable partner for Coil Tubing Parts”

Since starting in 1980 with stuffing box packing, a product in high demand, McClain has since expanded to several types of products which work not only in wireline, but in coil tubing and capillary. The company is able to provide slickline reels to wireline companies because of strong distributor relationships with companies such as Sandvik now Zapp, Central Wire Industries, KIS, KOS and Bethlehem Wire.

McClain Oil Tools has an in-house machine shop and rubber molding facilities, which allows them to move quickly and efficiently on new or existing products. Also, the company is always looking for new items to bring to the market and new ways to innovate. They work with leading companies like Red Zone Coil Tubing, Coil Tubing Partners, Halliburton, Step Energy Services, Legend Energy Services, Key Energy Services, Xtreme Coil Tubing, Patriot Well Solutions, and many others in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Venezuela. After 39 years of business relationships with many diverse individuals with large and small companies, McClain Oil Tools remains committed to the skill and expertise it takes to compete in this global environment.


A Letter From Mike McClain

Dear McClain Oil Tools Friends, As I sat down today to write this heartfelt note, a surge of emotions overcame me as

Stuffing Box Packing - Oil & Gas - McClain Oil Tools

Stuffing Box Packing [Video]

Stuffing boxes are used in the oil and gas industry, as well as in the agricultural and industrial sectors. They provide a tight seal around solid wireline, whether stationary or moving.

At McClain Oil Tools we offer quality stuffing box packing at an affordable price for your wireline and slickline needs.