Coil Tubing Stripper Rubbers & Non-Extrusion Rings [Video]

Video Transcript:
McClain Oil Tools provides various coil tubing parts. Two of our most popular items go hand in hand – Stripper Rubbers and Non Extrusion Rings.

Coil Tubing Stripper Rubbers

A stripper rubber is the sealing element used in coil tubing and should be replaced for each operation. Coil tubing stripper rubbers come in various sizes, material and hardness.

Depending on what size pipe you are running will determine which size stripper rubber you would need for a job. The higher the number for hardness, the higher the pressure it can handle. They also come in viton and high temp. material for special working conditions.

Non-Extrusion Rings

Non-extrusion rings are used to provide firm support to the stripper rubber packer elements to prevent them from extruding too readily. They are installed on the low pressure side of the seal to prevent the coil tubing stripper rubber from going into the packoff.

We offer various ID sizes for 3.06”, 3.06” Side door, 4.06” and 5.125” stripper rubbers and non-extrusion rings.

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